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Box Announcements:

1. The Biggest Loser Challenge is coming to an end next week! If you signed up and bought in, don't forget the final weigh-in is next Tuesday 11/24. Who will win the $$$ pot?!?!?

2. Be on the lookout! We will be upgrading our system and moving away from the WIX app.

What does that mean for you?

Our website will be the central location for all things LATTE! Add it to your phone's home screen and be sure to check out the Member's Only section and update your login information by clicking "forgot my password". All bookings and class reservations will be done through the website and you can manage your membership and make payments in the member section. We're going GREEN with more paperless options and keeping things contactless!

3. And lastly, please don't forget to sign in at the kiosk when you come in! :) . This helps us obtain data and gather metrics so we can expand and get more equipment and toys to workout with!!

Now back to your regular scheduled programming....



Coach Stretch:

T-Spine Mobility


6 Box Step Ups

4 Push Ups + 4 Shoulder Taps

6 DB Upright Row

100m Run


5 x 6

Box Squat (from the ground)

*light/moderate load to focus on leg drive

*avoid rocking back on the box

*slow and controlled eccentric (lower down)

*explosive on the concentric (stand)


6-8 Alt. T2B



10 weighted box step ups (single DB)

200m Run

Rx: 50/35#, 24/20

Post WOD Accessory:

100 (3-count) Hollow Body Flutter Kicks

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