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Zac Candelas

CrossFit Latte Stone is a fantastic box filled with friendly people always willing to help and that is what drew me in from the beginning [...] If you're looking to change up your fitness or just want a fun environment to get the body you want, I highly recommend dropping in and meeting everyone!

Blanda Camacho

I am very happy with CrossFit Latte Stone.  No matter which class you go to everyone is genuinely happy to workout with you.  The coaches are enthusiastic and put a lot of effort into making your time with them safe and satisfying.

Jewill Sablan

I joined CrossFit because it introduced me to non-traditional gym exercises, the change of workouts keeps me motivated and its community.

Brett & Kari 

We stayed with CrossFit for the community! Latte immediately welcomed us and has been family during our past 3 years on island. We miss you all!"

Scott & Irish

Amazing times and great people at CrossFit Latte Stone.


So proud to have been with Latte since day one. I fell in love with CrossFit and Latte and I've gained so many great friendships and memories. I don't think I can find another box like this one. 


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