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PVC Disc + 300m jog

2 rounds

5L/R seated Arnold DB press

8 walking toe touches

10 alternating reverse lunges

8 alternating hand to elbow planks


5 Sets

Overhead Complex L/R

5 SA DB Strict Press + 5 SA DB Push Press + 20 Sec hold

*Build to challenging weight unbroken


For Time

400m Run

20 Alt. Pistol Squats

300m Run

20 DL, 155/105

200m Run

20 Alt. Pistol Squats

100m Run

20 DL, 155/105


Pistol Squat scale: narrow air squat, single leg box squat, assisted pistol squat, pistol squat with elevated heel

Intended Stimulus: The run distance is shortened each round, use this time to find your tempo at a fast pace and work on your conditioning. You should attack the 400m run at 60-70% effort and increase effort each round. Keep the pace up on the pistol squats and Deadlifts, aim for doing no more than 2 sets unbroken.

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