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WOD 201201 - TUESDAY


Coach's Stretch


5L/R DB Upright Row

8 Box Step Ups

5L/R Seated DB Strict Press

6 Cal Row / Bike


Skill / Strength


Snatch Grip BTN Push Press

Light/Moderate Load




3 RDS for max reps

min 1: Wall Balls, 20/14#

min 2: SDLHP, 75/55#

min 3: Box Jumps, 24"/20"

min 4: Push Press, 75/55#

min 5: Row or Bike Calories

Pls avail rowers to those athletes who are keeping track of their benchmark times. Thank you

REST 1:00 minute

Post WOD Accessory:

100m Heavy DB Farmer Carry


Maximizing reps & efficiency:

Wallballs: The Wallball starts each round so it is important not to over-fatigue ourselves. Fan the shoulders out and relax them in between reps, do not just hold them overhead waiting for the ball. Breathe and plan to transition with about 8-10 seconds to spare over to the SDHP. You should not break more than once -- If you struggle with WB plan on a 12-10 split.

SDHP: This is a very fast movement, and if you're a strong puller you should score well on this. Use your posterior chain and hip power to move the bar (not your arms!), and ensure you place the bar down in a perfect position when taking a break. Do not move far away from the bar during breaks, a quick 4-6 second rest, then begin doing reps again. If you're fatigued in the later rounds, doing quick reps of 5, with a short break will be best.

Box Jumps: Pick your style, know your strengths! If you never rebound your box jumps, DO NOT start today. Step-down box jumps at a good pace will still earn you between 20-25 reps each minute, which is good enough to score highly on this workout. Your next step up is a jump down, land and fire back up quickly, this will earn you 22-30 reps. Lastly rebounding is the fastest, but will definitely toss your heart rate up through the roof as it earns you 30+ reps. I also caution that rebounding box jumps are not a safe exercise at this rep range.

Push Press: the Push Press is where you should earn your reps. It is the fastest cycling exercise, and the shortest range of motion you will have in the workout. Reps go fast, so it is IMPORTANT to breathe while pumping these out. Whatever you do, DO NOT drop the bar from overhead, you must set it down, no matter how tired you are. You can do 10, rest, 10, rest, 10 and still have time to transition if you set the bar down.

Row: :20-:30s is all the time you want to spend on the rower. Get on quickly, do not worry about your feet, and begin to pull with mostly hip flexion & extension and your upper body. Knock out 8-10 cals and then begin your rest break early. The extra 5-10 reps that could be earned on that back end are not as valuable as the additional rest in the first two rounds. When you get to the final round, empty the tank (obviously).

Rest: You should set yourself up to have ~1:20-1:30 of rest. Get a small drink of water, a little chalk, and breathe deeply. Be standing tall at the WB ready to go as the countdown begins.

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