Friendly Reminder:

Drop it to the beat at BOOT BEAT with Booty Instructor JEWILL, after Weightlifting Class. To get the most of this class, we recommend purchasing personal workout (booty) bands. We have a limited supply at the box for use.

Open Gym hours are between 10a-5pm.

Please refrain from using the main WOD floor if there is a scheduled class in progress.

Thank you for your cooperation!!

Warm up

Stretch/ mobility

3 Rounds

5 medball cleans

8 scapular pull ups + 10 second dead hang

10 reverse lunges with twist

5 L/R DB push jerks

A. Snatch

(4x3 @ 75% of Snatch)

Squat Snatch (singles, focus on technique; for limited mobility: 1 power snatch + 3 OHS)

B. Cleans

(Every 1:30 x 5 @ 70% of Cleans)

1 Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Low Hang Squat Clean

C. Core Work

5x5 tempo strict hanging leg raises

(3 seconds up - 3 seconds down)


5x 30-45 seconds Planks

(rest 1:00 between set)

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