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The CrossFit name has negatively been in the media spotlight the past few days and it is uncertain what the future of CrossFit will look like, but that does not change nor reflect the values and morals the Latte Fam represents. We are a strong community because of CrossFit. We aim to provide a safe, judgement-free environment and strive to build an inclusive community fostered by love, equality and unity.

We are a FAMILY and we treat each other like FAMILY.


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Operations during PCOR-1

Hafa Adai, Latte Fam As the island continues this fight against COVID-19, we must comply with the restrictions and guidelines following the executive orders. Like many other small businesses, we are

Latte Home Programming

What’s up Latte Fam! COVID has us stuck at home again, and all we want to do is workout! Fear not, we are going to be giving you a workout that you can do at home. Whether or not you were able to bo

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